Girish Mahajan Trolled For Selfie During Survey Now Swam To Reach Village

Girish Mahajan Trolled For Selfie During Survey Now Swam To Reach Village

Maharashtra's Water Resources Minister Girish Mahajan got into a controversy when he was seen taking a selfie while visiting the flood-hit area. Two of his videos went viral on social media and this gave the Opposition a chance to take a dig at the government. Now the same minister is seen in a video floating in a village and going to a village. The video was shared by BJP on its Twitter account on Saturday.

Sharing the video, the BJP used the famous slogan Sabka Biswas slogan of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is seen in the video that the person with the red circle is crossing the flooded area. BJP wrote, 'Maharashtra minister Girish Mahajan swam to reach the flood-hit village. At this time BJP wins the trust of everyone.
Mahajan, a five-time MLA, visited Sangli in Maharashtra on Saturday. This district is badly affected by floods. During this time, he was seen sitting in the boat looking at the camera, smiling, shaking hands and taking selfies. The minister's video was shared by Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader Dhananjay Munde on his Twitter account. The NCP had asked the minister whether he was on tour.
Not only this, but NCP also demanded Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis to resign his insensitive water resources minister. Sharing the video, Dhananjay Munde wrote, 'Minister Girish Mahajan and officials are taking smiling selfies. Is there no sensitivity in the leaders?
In a similar context, opponents have made it an issue after the Chief Minister and the MLA's photo was printed on bags of food grains and food items being given to the flood victims in Maharashtra. People were given food bags in flood-affected Sangli district of Maharashtra. On this, the opposition says that the state government is shamelessly advertising itself keeping in mind the impending election.
These bags, distributed to the flood-affected people, contain rice and wheat on which a sticker has also been affixed. It has a picture of Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and BJP MLA Suresh Halwankar printed on it. A caption has also been written on the photo (August 2019) free rice and wheat distributed to the flood-affected families.

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