Hundreds of people gathered in Mumbai to mourn Tigress Avni

Hundreds of people gathered in Mumbai to mourn Tigress Avni

On Sunday evening, around 300 people gathered to mark their protest and mourn Avni at Carter Road Amphitheatre at Bandra in Mumbai. It was supposed to be an event to support the #letavnilive campaign. But, as the tigress Avni is dead now, the event sadly converted to a mourning protest. The protest went on the whole evening.


“Let’s rename the Ministry of Forests as Ministry of Poaching. It’s anyways a sham”



Bombay Animal rights, a group of Animal lovers also organised a candlelight protest at Bandra. The Bombay Animal Rights alleged that “a land grab deal got the tigress killed.” The group said that more animals can be killed in future due to this ‘land grab’ deal.


The Yuva Sena president Aaditya Thackeray tweeted, “Let's rename the Ministry of Forest as Ministry of Poaching. Anyways it’s a sham!”


Mister Thackrey also questioned the authority of the shooter. He questioned if MR. Asgar Ali, the shooter of Avni, has permission by any authority to shoot Avni. And if he was not in possession of any permission, then can he be tried under the wildlife protection act?


Directors of many NGO are attacking Government since the case of Avni came out in public. NGOs are saying that this whole Man-eating animals thing is a sham made up by Governments and cooperates to use the land of forest. When government already have thousands of acres of barren land then why are they trying to infiltrate in Forest? To do any mischievous activities that undergo under no Surveillance?

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