Kumar Vishwas Attacks On The Statement Of The Haryana CM 'Kashmiri Bahu'

Kumar Vishwas Attacks On The Statement Of The Haryana CM 'Kashmiri Bahu'

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar is caught up with a mocking statement to bring a daughter-in-law from Kashmir. All the leaders including Congress leader Rahul Gandhi have condemned Khattar's statement, while the Delhi Women's Commission has sent Khattar to the notice.

In a program on Friday, Manohar Lal Khattar had said that now 'people of Haryana can also bring Kashmiri Bahu'. He said, 'Our minister OP Dhankhar used to say that he will bring' Bahu 'from Bihar. Nowadays people are saying that the way to Kashmir has been cleared. Now we will bring girls from Kashmir. Meanwhile, poet Kumar Vishwas condemned Khattar's statement.

Kumar Vishwas tweeted,

'Will you kill daughters in your state in the womb, will have honour killings and will bring daughters-in-law from Kashmir? If not the daughters of the country, at least consider your position and age? Will you make your Kashmiri brothers and sisters pre-occupied with such a ship? Change the nickname.
However, ML Khattar is now clarifying his statement. Clarifying, the Haryana Chief Minister said that the media distorted it. While sharing the entire video of the event on Twitter, he accused the media of misleading and running a fact less campaign against him. Khattar tweeted, 'Daughters are our pride. Daughters of the whole country are also our daughters.
 Misleading and fact less propaganda is being run by some media channels and news agencies. I have always had an honest dialogue with the public, so I am sharing the full video of my statement through social media. Daughters are our pride and daughters from all over the country are our daughters.
OP Dhankhar had said in 2014 that if the boys of Haryana did not find the right partner in the state, then they would bring a bride for them from Bihar. Haryana has been infamous for its sex ratio. Various leaders and sections, including Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, reacted sharply to Khattar's statement. Rahul Gandhi termed Khattar's statement as 'condemnable'. Rahul Gandhi tweeted, 'Haryana Chief Minister Khattar's remarks about Kashmiri women are scandalous. This shows how years of training by the RSS makes the thinking of a weak, insecure and pathetic person. Women are not a property that men will own them.


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