Locusts keep Delhi, Gurgaon officials on their toes

Locusts keep Delhi, Gurgaon officials on their toes

Seven parts of South Haryana were hit by swarms of locusts Saturday morning with officials saying that all the group had flown through Gurgaon and Faridabad they had not caused any major damage in the areas. In Gurgaon, a locust bonding has been issued by the administration on Friday night advising residents to keep their windows and doors closed since some swarms had reached Mahendragarh. the president also asked to gather together in the event of an attack and make loud noises by beating tin cans plates and other things to ward off the insects.

According to the deputy director of the agriculture department in Gurugram Atmaram Godara, the locust swarm that passed through Gurugram Saturday morning was around 5 km wide and 8 km in length before coming to Gurugram he said the. the swarm was divided into four - two passed over

The advisory directed the DMs to guide residents in villages to drive away locusts by making "high decibel sound through the beating of drums or utensils, playing high volume music on the music system or DJ firing crackers burning of neem leaves and other similar methods.

Gurugram towards Delhi while one went towards Jhajjar and the other to Nuh.

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