Man Vs Wild: PM Modi On Thrilling Adventures

Man Vs Wild: PM Modi On Thrilling Adventures

Prime Minister Narendra Modi showed indomitable courage during the shooting of Discovery Channel's program Man Versus Wild. Walked almost alone in the jungle with Bear Grylls, the director of the Modi program, where tigers, elephants and wild animals are at risk. Neither the SPG nor the forest personnel had separately arranged for their protection from animals during the shooting in Jim Corbett National Park.

At most they could fire in such a situation or fire in the air, but they did not need it. The program will be broadcast on Monday. According to senior officials of Uttarakhand, 25 forest personnel were stationed at a distance of about 100 meters from the shooting spot and SPG personnel guarding the PM were also about 50 meters away. Only three soldiers were behind the cameraman.

Bypassing the advice of SPG personnel during the shooting, Modi crossed the Ramganga river in a boat built by Grylls with the help of bushes and vines. After some time the boat started sinking in a strong current. Panicked, Grylls got into the water and floated in the icy water, pushing the boat towards the shore.

However, Modi did not lose patience. After this, Modi shot in a meadow near Dhikala Tourist Complex. Tigers and elephants are often seen crossing this plain and heading towards the river. Here Grylls shared with Modi some tricks of being alive in the jungle and learned from Modi the experiences of being alone on the Himalayas.

One and a half-hour spent

Grylls spent about one and a half hour with Prime Minister Modi and was accompanied by two camera crew and sound recordings. However, Grylls stayed at the Dhikala Tourist Complex for three days and shot the program.

Evacuated the complex

Dhikala Tourist Complex with thirty-three rooms is surrounded by electric wires and is completely safe. But the complex was completely evacuated during the shooting. All bookings already made were cancelled and the money refunded.

Ministry of Tourism made 'Wildlife' theme after learning from Modi

Learning from PM Modi's program, the Ministry of Tourism has decided to make 'Wild Life' a theme for the Incredible India campaign for the next two months. Tourism Minister Prahlada Patel said that there can be no icon for India bigger than PM, whether it is wildlife, tourism or anything else. Their program will be shown on Monday and we have decided to make it our theme for the Incredible India campaign.

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