PM: construction guiding light, govt doesn' discriminate

PM: construction guiding light, govt doesn' discriminate

URGING everyone in the country to join ranks for the advancement of the nation prime minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said his government has been "driven by the desire to empower 132 crore Indians" and that the constitution has been "its guiding light". Addressing the 90th birthday celebrations of Rev joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan in Pathanamthitta of Kerala via video conference prime minister said that his government does not discriminate between faith, gender, caste, creed, or language.

"Our government has always been guided by sensitivity and a long-term vision to make India a growth engine.we have taken decisions not from comfortable offices in Delhi but after feedback from the people on the ground Modi said the call for Atmanirbhar Bharat will ensure your economics strength and prosperity for every Indian.

Listening to the welfare programs initiated by his government the prime minister said the Ayushman Bharat scheme is the"largest healthcare scheme in the world through which more than 1 crore people have got quality treatment". the prime minister said the recently introduced Pradhan Mantri Matasya Sampada Yojana, within the investment of over rupees 20000 crores is going to transform the fisheries sector, increase export earnings and provide employment to over 55 lakh people.

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