Saudi Arabia planning to send 128 Rohingyas back to Banglasdesh

Saudi Arabia planning to send 128 Rohingyas back to Banglasdesh

The Saudi government has asked Bangladeshi authorities to require back 128 Rohingya, all of whom entered the oil-rich kingdom carrying Umrah visa using Bangladeshi passports.


They are currently being detained in jails in Saudi Arabia, aforementioned sources in Bangladesh’s foreign affairs ministry, adding that the Saudi government has sent a politician letter asking to require back those “Bangladeshi passport holders.”


The letter states: “The 128 individuals arrived within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia bearing Bangladeshi passports to perform Umrah, however they didn't leave the dominion when their visas expired .”


Later, those individuals, when being detained, unconcealed that they were Rohingya and were from the exile camps of Bangladesh, aforementioned the letter.


On Nov fifteen last year, the Saudi interior ministry launched an idea – A motherland while not black-market Expat – to supervise what's known as “illegal labour migrants.”


More than eleven hundred thousand Rohingya fled to neighbour Bangladesh from Myanmar in August 2017 once a military stifling, that the world organization, the North American country et al referred to as “ethnic cleansing”.


Forced to measure the lifetime of an exile within the enclosed camps in Cox’s Bazar – a southern district of Bangladesh – thousands of those Rohingya have used illegally-obtained Bangladeshi passports to travel abroad for work.


“The Rohingya obtained passports by providing faux documents, together with National Identity (NID) cards from native union council chairmen and alternative authorities,” same the minister. “Many of them area unit concerned in criminal activities abroad.”


Cox’s Bazar police and therefore the district administration have found that over three hundred Rohingya have obtained NID cards illicitly since last Oct. per police records, 2 passport offices in the metropolis have found over 250 cases wherever Rohingya tried to induce Bangladeshi passports with solid documents this year.

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