8-foot shark held with bare hands by a swimmer, holding its jaws open

8-foot shark held with bare hands by a swimmer, holding its jaws open

A swimmer from Delaware, US shocked onlookers at a beach when he grabbed an 8-foot shark with his bare hands and opened the creature’s jaws for everyone to see.

At the beginning of the video, the swimmer is seen pulling the shark across the waves. He then lifts the shark, pins holds it with his left arm. The next moment, he manages to hold open the shark's mouth for at least five seconds.

Although many social media users condemned the man’s dangerous actions, a Fox5 report said he had received professional training and was actually trying to remove a hook from the shark's mouth.

Moreover, in the state of Delaware, fishing for sharks is illegal. Anyone who pulls a shark by mistake or intentionally, must release it immediately or face charges.

As for this incident, it is unclear whether the shark had inadvertently got a hook stuck in its mouth or if it was the victim of an angler.

As seen in the video, the shark looked surprisingly calm while it was being carried by the swimmer. Fortunately, the creature didn't attack the man and let him remove the hook from its mouth.

Sometime ago,a man jumped into the ocean to rescue a baby whale trapped in netting. He was later slapped with a heavy fine for his daring act.

The man, identified only as Django, called the Queensland Department of Fisheries when he saw the baby whale struggling to swim. But when he realised the creature's life was at risk, he decided to pull off a solo rescue by jumping from his boat.

He was filmed by a drone diving into the waters off Gold Coast to rescue the humpback whale that was tangled in the netting.

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