Iran Claims of Capturing British Oil Tank, Got Reply- Be Prepared To Bear The Consequences

Iran Claims of Capturing British Oil Tank, Got Reply- Be Prepared To Bear The Consequences

The UK issued a statement confirming that Iran had taken two oil tankers in its possession on Friday. At the same time, the UK has also warned Iran to suffer the consequences of not abandoning its oil tanker. Earlier, the Revolutionary Guards of Iran had said that they had taken two oil tankers that had a British flag on it. Tell us that this action of Revolutionary Guards has come two weeks after Britain's action when Britain took over Iran's tanker.

Nuclear Agreement Does Not Support Iran: David Cameron

According to the information provided by Iran's Tasneem Nude Agency, the second vessel, which is a British operated vehicle, has not been taken into custody. According to the news agency, the ship was warned and sent to warn. Significantly, the relationship between Iran and Britain is running poorly over time. Last year, the UK had requested Iran to stop supplying arms to Yemen and use its influence to end the conflict. Saudi Arabia was leading the airstrikes against the Yemen government and against the Iran-backed insurgents. The United Nations has found that Iran has failed to stop the supply of missiles and drones to the rebels.

Iran, World Powers Agree On Nuclear Agreement: EU

In a joint statement, British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson and International Development Minister Penny Mordent urged Iran to make changes in its stand. In the statement, she said that if Iran really wants a political solution in Yemen as it is publicly If it is said, then he should stop the supply of arms, which is pulling the struggle long, increasing the regional tension and internationally Is creating a threat to peace and security.

Britain To Work On Improving Bilateral Relations: Iran

It was said that we want to ask why Iran is sending money to a country with which it does not have a real historical relation or interest, but it should use its influence to eliminate the conflict which is for the people of Yemen that's good. Prior to this, Ayatollah Ali Khomeini, the leader and leader of Iran, had said that Tehran has no intention of cooperating with its particular enemy America and the "rogue" Britain over regional issues. This was stated in such a TV report.

Britain Urges Iran Not To Give Arms To Yemen Rebels

Khomeini had said in a live broadcast on television that America is still an enemy of Iran from the 1979 Islamic Revolution. It would be a big mistake to believe in 'evil' Britain and the big devil America. He had said that we will not cooperate with the US on regional issues. Their goals are exactly the opposite of us.

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