Ministry of External Affairs said efforts are being made to rescue 18 Indians on board the tanker seized by Iran

Ministry of External Affairs said efforts are being made to rescue 18 Indians on board the tanker seized by Iran

Among the fresh tensions arising in the Gulf, 18 Indians, including the captain of the ship, have 23 crew members of the British flag oil tanker seized by Iran in Hormuz Bay. India on Saturday said that it is in touch with Tehran to rescue Indian sailors. Iran has seized British-flagged ship-Steen Impero on Friday, in which citizens of Indian, Russian, Latvia and Filipino countries are working as crew. Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar said that efforts are being made to know further details of the incident. He said, "Our Mission is to quick release of the Indian nationals and the repatriation of the country, which is in touch with the Government of Iran to safeguard."
Iran occupies British Oil Tanker, 18 Indians onboard 23 crew members
Referring to the statements of the Director-General of ships and sea affairs of the Hormuz province, Hormuz province, IRNA said the crew members of Stena Impero include 18 Indians, five Russians, Latvia and Filipino nationals, Captain is Indian, but tanker But there is a UK flag. " The vessel's owner and shipping company Stena Bulk said in a statement that the tanker "had been contacted by unknown small boats and a helicopter when the ship was in international waters during the crossing of Hormuz Bay." He further said, "The vessel is now moving towards the north of Iran, due to which we are unable to communicate."
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Iran's Revolutionary Guard Army issued a statement on its website and said that the ship was confiscated on 'not obeying international maritime laws and regulations' and was being taken to an unknown Iranian port. Stena Bulk said, "None of them was hurt, and their safety is a matter of concern for both the owners and the managers." Later, Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps of Iran also seized a Liberian-flagged tanker Mesdar. The tanker's owner later said that before leaving the ship, armed guards were waiting for him for a while. British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt described the seizure of oil tanker as "unacceptable". He said, "It is imperative that the freedom of navigation remain and all the ships safely and independently move forward in this field."

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