New Weapon Test And Nuclear Disarmament By North Korea

New Weapon Test And Nuclear Disarmament By North Korea

Following the recent missile launches by North Korea, Kim Jong Un's surveillance of his country conducted another 'new weapon test'. The country's government media gave this information on Sunday. North Korea conducted the test at a time when US President Donald Trump recently said that Pyongyang wants to resume talks on nuclear disarmament. The country's official 'Korean Central News Agency' (KCNA), while giving details of the launch made on Saturday, did not say which weapon was tested by North Korea.
In a statement issued by North Korea's Foreign Ministry, it has been described as 'a test to develop conventional weapons'. Earlier, North Korea has launched missiles four times in the last two weeks. North Korea has made these launches in protest against the US-South Korea war exercise. KCNA reported that Kim directed and supervised the trial.
Kim expressed "utmost satisfaction" at the result. In Seoul, defence officials said the missiles that were tested early Saturday near Hamhung appear to be two short-range ballistic missiles that traveled 400 kilometers between the Korean peninsula and Japan before falling into the sea.
Coincidentally, the launch came after United States President Donald Trump said he had received another "very beautiful" letter from Kim.

Later, Trump took to his Twitter and said that Kim intends to resume denuclearization talks after the end of joint military exercises between the US and South Korea.
The President of the United States also said that the North Korean leader recently issued a "short apology" for testing short-range missiles, and said that the launches would stop after the end of joint exercises.

The Trump administration has repeatedly downplayed the importance of the tests, noting that the missiles are short-range and, therefore, did not violate the agreement between Trump and Kim.
Nuclearization talks between the United States and North Korea have stalled since the second summit meeting between Trump and Kim ended in February in the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi without agreement.
In late June, Trump and Kim met at the inter-Korean border and the two leaders agreed to set up teams to resume negotiations at the labour level in weeks, but it was in vain.
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday that he expected Washington and Pyongyang to return to the negotiating table in the coming weeks.

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