One out of every 4 delivery boy tastes your food before delivery

One out of every 4 delivery boy tastes your food before delivery

One out of every 4 food delivery boy of the food delivery company tastes or eats food before final delivered of the stuff. These results have come out in a survey conducted by the 500 companies in the US for 500 companies.

The survey was done by the US Food Department. It was told from the department that the delivery boy complaints were getting long-lasting. Most consumers said in the complaint that they get cold and less food.

After this, the department surveyed the Delivery Boy's Food Delivery app at Uber It's, Graveb, Dordash and Post Mats App. It came out that in order to deliver only a distance of 20 minutes, Delivery Boy avails only 40 minutes per minute. While some drivers take about 70 minutes to deliver food.

This is why consumers get cold food. Not only this, most of the consumers got food packing to lose or open when ordering food. Some customers also got less food.

For this survey, US Foods surveyed 1,518 Americans, who said they used the Food Delivery app. At the same time, 500 Americans were also surveyed who worked for at least one food delivery app.

The survey found that the average American smartphone has two food delivery apps, out of which they order almost three times a month. The most popular apps include Uber It's, Grave, Dordash, and Postmates. All these apps are partnering with restaurants and shops located near people's homes.

4 per cent of people order food by looking at offers.

The 25 per cent delivery boy in the survey admitted that he had tasted the customer's food. This survey revealed that 46 per cent of the people the food after seeing the offer. According to the survey, 54 per cent of the people generally used to order food from their favourite hotels. While 4per cent of people orders by seeing the hotel offer or viewing photos of food.

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