Paison ki Baarish? Truck spills out 1 crore in air, internet goes mad

Paison ki Baarish? Truck spills out 1 crore in air, internet goes mad

In the movie’s action sequence we have seen money flying out of the car well it has actually happened, people in Atlanta were fortunate enough to actually experience it. On Tuesday night truck carrying cash in the interstate of Atlanta skid of the road literally raining money. The impact on the road left the door of the truck open and an approximate amount of 1,19,63,962 (US Dollar) came flying out of the truck.

As per the statement of Dunwoody police department “while the money was flying over the road driver tried pulling out and collect the cash but as it was light in weight it did not stop and blows away with the wind” people on their way who witnesses incidence took out their phones and make the video and rest tried picking up the money. The video was originally shared by Twitter account “kites on flights”, as soon as the video was shared it goes viral on all the social Platform.
On Tuesday a statement released by the police department of Atlanta said they received 911 calls regarding the incident, after the blow “The armored car crew” truck’s left door came open while they were driving spilling the money out onto the road number 285. Officer and the truck crew tried gathering of few hundreds of dollars but they were still flowing out in the air. But the police department has claimed that plenty of cash was retrieved back. In the stance of the incidence, Twitter got flooded with Memes and people tweeting the shocking but entertaining video.
Soon after the Dunwoody Police Department and has released a statement from their official twitter handle” we request all the individual who stopped and frantically took the money after the bizarre incidence to return it back as soon as it’s possible. After the appeal of the police two of the collectors had return the money one of them has returned US dollar 2100 and the order return US dollar 500.

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