UN Is Probing 35 Cases Of Cyber Attacks In North Korea

UN Is Probing 35 Cases Of Cyber Attacks In North Korea

UN experts say they are investigating at least 35 cases of cyber-attacks in North Korea in 17 countries. He is believed to have carried out these cyber-attacks to illegally raise funds to produce destructive weapons.
The AP quoted a report from experts last week as saying that North Korea has gained at least two billion dollars by carrying out cyber activities on financial institutions and cryptocurrency exchanges.

In this context, according to a detailed report recently received by AP, North Korea carried out the maximum number of 10 cyber-attacks on neighbouring South Korea. After this, three India and two attacks on Bangladesh and Chile.
According to the report, one cyber-attack took place on Costa Rica, Gambia, Guatemala, Kuwait, Liberia, Malaysia, Malta, Nigeria, Poland, Slovenia, South Africa, Tunisia and Vietnam. Experts say they are investigating these attacks as a violation of UN sanctions.
Crisis In In North Korea, 4 Out Of Every 10 Citizens Was Suffering From Starvation
The people of North Korea, who are constantly strengthening their nuclear and military strength, are troubled by hunger. According to the latest UN report, four out of every ten citizens face a bread crunch here. The UN report has been rejected by Kim Jong UN government as influenced by politics. At the same time, due to the restrictions imposed on them in 2006, the nuclear and ballistic missile program is in serious human condition in the country.
North Korea has a population of 2.549 crore and out of that one crore one million people are struggling with starvation. It ranks 175th among 177 countries in Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index.
Here the government has reduced the ration supply of poor people. The crop has been destroyed due to drought here, so the report has predicted that in the coming days, North Koreans will face more deep crisis.
Here the government officers collect every government aid from the poor. It has been written in the report that all the rights of citizens depend on how much bribe it can pay. Officers threaten to put people in jail.
In North Korea, military force is being given priority even under the circumstances of economic mismanagement. High Commissioner for Human Rights Michel Bachelet said that this country wants to divert attention from the serious human condition of its citizens by focusing on the nuclear issue.

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