US Wants To See Improvement in India-Pak Relation

US Wants To See Improvement in India-Pak Relation

US President Donald Trump on Thursday again commented on the ongoing Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan. He said that resolving the Kashmir dispute depends on India and Pakistan. Although if both countries want, I am ready to intervene. To resolve the dispute, our arbitration relies solely on India and Pakistan. He said that if both South Asian neighbors seek help in solving this decades-old issue, then we will help them.

Explain that Trump was referring to his last week's meeting with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, in which he offered to help solve the Kashmir issue. However, India rejected the proposal of Trump. While Pakistan welcomed Trump's statement.
Talking to journalists on Thursday, Donald Trump said that it is indeed up to now on all Prime Minister Narendra Modi to accept the offer of this arbitration. He said that Modi and Imran can work together very well if they want, but if they won't help, if they intervene on this issue and help them, then the US is ready.
Right after that, now a US official has said that he wants to see better relations between America, India and Pakistan. A senior US State Department official said this on Thursday. The official has told these things on condition of not disclosing the names. The officer had been questioned about the comments made by Trump last week on Kashmir issue and asked him about America's stand on Kashmir.
Trump offered to be a mediator between India and Pakistan on Kashmir issue during a White House meeting with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. However, India had rejected the offer of Trump directly. India had said that the stand of New Delhi has been a bilateral dialogue with Pakistan on this matter.
The official said that on the Kashmir issue as I said that we would like to see improvement in relations between India and Pakistan. So you had heard the offer of Presidential cooperation. The official said that we believe that Kashmir has been a bilateral issue, but there are some occasions because Pakistan has taken such steps which increase trust in its efforts for the end of terrorism and ultimately leads to constructive dialogue. If both sides want, we are ready to cooperate. "

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