What You Think, You Happy Say And Do Make

What You Think, You Happy Say And Do Make

Some people will say what they believe is expected, not what is actually going through their minds. Others will do what they think is expected, even though it's not what they really think or believe to be correct.

When it comes to Happiness, understanding your values is a fundamental building block. Your values influence your behaviors, your choices, and your emotions. Your values influence your habits, your lifestyle, and your social experiences. Your values are your motivators and give you a purpose for getting up in the morning.

This variation robs yourself of happiness because only you can steal it. If you do what you say, and say what you think; therefore, all are different. Therefore, you have an opportunity to be happy and this becomes a foundation of harmony, calm, and peace.

When your words and your actions are in harmony, you will come to love and trust yourself on a whole new level. This will increase your level of happiness and confidence, and ultimately, your overall fulfillment with your life.

When you make choices that are in line with your values, you experience harmony, a feeling that leads to satisfaction and happiness. The heart is what represents your values, the things that are most important to you. When other parts of our being are not aligned with our values we experience clash which can lead to feelings of frustration, confusion, guilt, emptiness, or unhappiness.

When you experience misalignment between your values and your behaviors, subconsciously you will automatically take action to correct the situation and sort out your feelings. The clearer your values, the more rapidly you can identify why you are experiencing disharmony and realign yourself to feelings of happiness. Ultimately, understanding your values helps you make choices to experience consistency, success, and happiness.

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