A simple 4-letter word with a complicated 4 million things in it. We have all kind of understood by now, that life is not easy, especially for humans. Humans are those ultra manipulative, overthinking, disasterous, hurtful combination of atoms, and they sure have a really tough luck at life. Life is actually not easy. People will hurt you, break your trust and your hearts.

They will destroy you in an utter lifeless body. Your loved ones will walk away, friends might backstab and you may be hurt by your own loved ones. Your dreams will be shattered, your hope burned to ashes, your tears overflowing and your radiant smile lost. You will find yourself in the middle of nowhere but only darkness and more darkness consuming you. You will try to run away from all of it. Try to wear a mask and be safe. Jump in a locker and key it away. Try to find solace any and every where. Run, as far as you can. Trying to be squished under a shelter, so that no one else can.

Exasperating, afraid and crying. Cursing your fate and withering like a dying day. But hey. Let me tell you, that it's okay. It is okay to breakdown. It is okay to cry, to be upset, to be hurt. Just like it is okay to smile, to laugh, to enjoy and to be happy! It is okay to fall down. To get up. To fall down again. To get up again. To fall down as many times as you feel that pain and hurt in your knee and to get up as many times as you feel that strength and hope in your body. It is all okay. It will all be okay, unless you’ve stopped trying. Life is a big and bumpy road, there are good times and there are bad times as well. Bad times, no one really wants. Bad times, that too have come to pass and will pass. Keep your hope the strongest. If someone gave up on you, you do not give up on the people you care about or who care for you.

People who support you, who need you, who love you and who will always mourn for your loss. You just need to balance it all out. Life may consist of the worst of times, but it also consists of the good times. Love and be there for yourself, as you are for someone else. This life is all you have. This Life is all you will ever have! This day is just once. Live it. To the fullest. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Don’t take it too seriously, nobody ever gets out alive, haha. Never give up! More love and power to you all.




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