If you haven’t planned to adopt a child yet, adopt this idea, at least.

If you haven’t planned to adopt a child yet, adopt this idea, at least.

Today is World Adoption Day and If you haven’t planned to adopt a child yet, you can adopt some ideas, at least. Have a read and give it some thoughts:
When was the last time you allowed your heart to soften by caring about someone else a little bit more than yourself?
I'm sure for many of us in this rapidly effluent life, the part of ours which is little more generous and ideal is not the most visible thing. If you think about it, it almost feels funny how we like to believe that we are good, honest and improving people while in reality, we are seldom nice to people, frequently lying for no good reason and not even thinking to change our corrupt selves.
The world celebrates this day as world Adoption day. And we should at least give a thought to it.
When a child gets hurts after falling from his/her bicycle in front of our eyes, we get hurt, too. Why is it the case? Is it because we can’t see someone in pain. We can’t can’t see a child’s cry.
Well, then why is it the case that even after knowing the fact that there are thousands of children out there who are orphan, are living a life in hell, we don’t even respond to it. Is it just because the scene is not going on before our eyes?
If so is true, Isn't it a bit hypocrite of us? Isn’t not caring for someone else just because of the fact that he/she is not one of us, too self-centric?
The main theme of celebrating Adoption Day was to create beautiful families for orphaned kids.
As the national Adoption Centre says, “There are no unwanted children but unfound family.”
The least we can do, if not giving them a family, is acknowledging yourself that there are people out there who don’t have a family.
If you can’t be someone’s father, be a friend, at least. If you can’t give some homeless a home, try to give him/her a job so that one can pay rent.  Don’t live in ignorance. Be realistic. Be someone’s family. Or be someone’s ray of hope, at least.
Happy Adoption Day.

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