Hey Society, How you doing? It’s really surprising.. i walked past you and I didn’t see that cultural enthusiastic glare? What? Will you not discourage me today? Will you not, again, make me your prey? Will you not make a fool out of me? Will you not judge me and my priorities? Will you not be a ‘sexist’ again? Or is ‘shaming’ according to you a better take? Will you not insult me today? Will you not call me words this day?

Will you not ask me to stay in the veil? Will you not make me embarressed once again? Will you not take care of my choices more than me? Will you not make a gossip, out of the conversation we had, when you offered me tea? Will you not comment on me? Will you really never try to accept me? Will you really never look at me with a smile lady? Oh wait, I actually do not need ‘your’ acceptance, I do forget this at times.

I shouldn’t really care for the judgemental moth, who stare other fellows like they’re the only ‘God’s own lot’. I really wish to tell you people how creepy a mindset you exist with, but I am sad, almighty already did a lot of damage to you & your mind within. But let me just tell you, For its absolutely akin, I don’t really care now about how and what you think of me. Because you know what? It doesn’t really matter how you perceive me, I know myself better than you and I am proud of myself.

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