why anyone  interfare in other's life , is any one watching their own life?

why anyone interfare in other's life , is any one watching their own life?

we came back with a question ..... is anyone here who is seeing their own life ? or why everyone is interested in other's life like politicians, actors etc.

 This time is that where  everyone have time  but  not for  their own . when anyone get free they starting talking about others. they don't care for theirselves . If anyone starting care for own they can want they want . But they don't think all these things.... Even if they think they can also reach on that place where they always think or  what they want get all things... But the problem is no one means no one seeing their own problem , they have interest on other person's problem or say they all want to watch what is going on others life . Same on us if anyone is talking abouts us and  if what they talking that's is so bad then we react like - how and who is shit this , how they can talk about me they are nothing to me  how they can . same on others  when we are talking such shitty things we can't watch that we are doing same as others are doing .....

 This is a main problem of peoples that they don't want to watch what they had done with others..... Now everyone is thinking that who is wrote all this that person was so special or different ?.... so no but yes!! who is wrote all this now want to change the country , country things, country people.....

Why everyone want to check what is going in celebs life or what is going in friend or relatives life or why any relative wants to know that their realitve's child got how many marks , where their child gone and why they gone their , is any realtion between  their child or between that boy and girl , why anyone think that any boy and girls could not be friends or if anyone are in relation then why everyone want to know what is going between them , why everyone make laugh of others problems - these all question that everyone have in there life and mind and through this we can't change society we can't change any things.

Is it compulsory that we have to go behind the society or follow society rules ? can we not make our society ..... we have answers of all these question no one can gave your answers of your questions, so starting from now for you.... Think and stop such shittt things ...... we will come back with new things new question .... for more stay with us - Delhi99.tv

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