Kiran Bedi's deleted tweet created an outrage in Tamil

Kiran Bedi's deleted tweet created an outrage in Tamil

Kiran Bedi showed her deepest regret and deleted her controversial comments by saying that what was written was completely a people perspective as it came at the time when people were suffering from the water crisis in Chennai. However, she solemnly regretted by saying it should not be presented in public in this manner.

Rajnath Singh has appealed to the opposition to end up the heated controversy in twitter, as Puducherry LG Kiran Bedi, has deleted it and expressed deep regret.

Rajnath Singh's comments came only after DMK leader TR Baalu triggered the issue for the second day in Lok Sabha and the matter has already created an outrage in Tamil Nadu as it considering an insulting situation to Tamil society and state politicians.

The defense minister has already told through media that Kiran Bedi has shown her deepest regret over her comments and have already deleted them from the section. And also assured through his statements that she has great warmth for people of Tamil Nadu as she has for Puducherry. Let's just put it off as she assured that such an incident would not be repeated.

He also requested the concerned parties and members of House to put the issue on rest and look forward to the positive side, in the view of LG’s statement. The time is not to create an outrage he added.

In her deleted comment, Kiran Bedi on Sunday blamed the water crisis in Tamil Nadu as a result of poor governance, corrupted politics and influenced bureaucracy.

Rajnath Singh was also thanked by  DMK MP Dayanidhi Maran for his reply on the issue of LG Bedi's rude and hurtful comments against the Tamil people.

Maran hopes that the government will soon adopt the same attitude in dealing with the further matter of dissent and voices of opposition as well.

In accordance to Rajnath’s statement Congress leader, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury insisted that House must resort to the resolution blaming Kiran Bedi for allegedly humiliating Tamil people whereas speaker Om Birla did not pay much attention to it further in order to move to next subject.

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