Now Congress party facing low funds, delayed salaries, asked for cost-cutting

Now Congress party facing low funds, delayed salaries, asked for cost-cutting

After facing the agonizing defeat in Lok Sabha central election 2019 Congress party is facing financial crisis now. Several wings of the party are reportedly facing difficulties in carrying out their day to day routine operations.
Congress party has asked some of their departments to cut down their expenses.
A source from the party said that the monthly budget of “Congress Seva Dal” has been reduced from 2,50,000 to 2,00,000. Similarly, Congress has asked its woman wing NSIU and national youth congress to find out the ways to reduce expenses”. Reports of cost-cutting are coming from all across the party.
A source close to the party declared that the party is hesitant regarding the data intelligence wing and is in deliberated whether they want to work forward with data analysis wing or not. Not only this, many people in the headquarter of the party itself have not received the salary for some months now.
Soon the news of the financial crisis in the Congress party surfaced it led to 20 people resigning from the social media team of the party, they have resigned after the Lok Sabha election results were announced on 23rd of May. Previously they were 55 members in the team but now at present, only 35 remained.
Sources from the party say those who are still working in the social media team get delayed salaries. The media team of the Congress is in the similar state of either delayed or no payment. Election held in 2019 is counted as one of the worst performance in the general elections announced so far.
 Out of 542 seat party was only able to secure 52 seats; in 2014 the party was able to get 44 seats. The harmonious election results under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi have forced him to resign from the post of the president taking the responsibility for the defeat.
Soon after his resigning several issues are coming forward regarding the party members which includes disputes among the members, fight for the seat and lack of sponsorship.

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