Integra Essentia acquires industrial land to establish manufacturing facility in Haryana

Integra Essentia acquires industrial land to establish manufacturing facility in Haryana

New Delhi: Integra Essentia Limited as a measure of backward integration, in line with its pre-defined long-term objectives of having its own manufacturing/food-processing unit has identified and acquiring 7.66 Acres Industrial Land in strategically located Hissar district of Haryana. The Industrial land shall cost approx. Rs. 245 million, to be paid in phased manner, and to be funded substantially by internal accruals and promoters’ financial assistance.
The company has carefully selected the location of this land considering the objectives of expanding the operations in the core business segments of Agro Products and Infrastructural Sectors as it is situated close to the fast-growing consumption centres of north India and not only have ample availability of resources be it raw-materials, man-power, infrastructure needed for large scale operations but also provides readily available market for the company’s products.

Brief about Integra Essentia: It’s a Delhi based company engaged in business of Life Essentials i.e. Food (Agro Products), Clothing (Textiles and Garments), Infrastructure (Materials and Services for Construction and Infrastructure Development) and Energy (Materials, Products and Services for the Renewable Energy Equipment and Projects) and many more Products and Services required to sustain the modern life.

Integra Essentia Limited is a business with a substantial role to play both in creating and providing effective basic life materials and services needed to update and maintain better living standards, spanning across vide spectrum of business activities in Agro Products, Health & Nutrition, Clothing, Infrastructure Products, and Energy Needs. Company’s infrastructure products business primarily comprises of providing bulk materials and services for Highway Projects, Industrial Projects, Commercial projects & nevertheless affordable housing, Housing for all, Vibrant Villages Programme, Urban Planning etc.

The company is also exploring expanding its business through acquisitions of operational facilities and is in advanced stages of studying, comparing and finalising acquisition of processing facilities under its long-term plan to broad-base the business interests in life essential products with a special focus on the strong Agro Products Markets within India as well as across the globe.

The company is promoted and managed by a core team of experts of diverse experience relevant to the company businesses. The securities of the Company are listed on both the nationwide Stock Exchanges, BSE (Scrip Code: 535958), and NSE (Scrip Code: ESSENTIA)

Source: BSE Website

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