Obsession with Social Media

Obsession with Social Media



When you have the tendency to update your social media often and get obsessed with it, there is a possibility of losing touch with the actual world around you. Moreover, it can trigger powerful emotions like sadness, jealousy, loneliness, stress, anxiety, embarrassment, etc.

The problems which you might face are discussed below–

There might be an urge to check your social media for the latest updates but this will only waste your time and will make you feel guilty or bad about it. The bigger problem is, on social media grass is always greener. Most of the time, people try to pretend to be someone who they are not. They try to show how positive, successful and happy they are, how much they are enjoying their life. But the true is far more away from this. The sad part is people don’t get to see it, and envy what they see.

Moreover, counting the number of likes or shares can quickly become a measure of one’s self-worth, acceptance, and popularity. Some posts don’t receive as much recognition as others which makes people feel bad about themselves and lower their self-esteem. Social media can also create a lot of misunderstanding and chaos if not used properly.

Online communication has replaced talking and face to face relationships. Communicating via computer or text is often more convenient way to connect with others. Unfortunately this can cause people to isolate and for some to exist in almost a fantasy-type world. Also, the other person here could be a fraud or a bully.

Now what you can do to help yourself–

You need to understand that checking your phone every now and then to get the updates is not the answer. You need to give yourself a break. Stay conscious of whenever you check your phone, and try to stop it. Distract yourself. Do something productive instead. Moreover, you need to be realistic. No one’s life is perfect. Not everyone is going to like you all the time. It is natural sometimes to be upset about something you’ve seen online.

Learn how to be resilient and bounce back from disappointments and bumps in the road. Make choices that you won’t regret later. Be confident in who you are and recognize what makes you unique and special. Don’t be so consumed by events online that you forget to live your life in the real world!


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