Read some newly added benefits and features of WhatsApp

Read some newly added benefits and features of WhatsApp

Instant messaging app WhatsApp has recently released a new feature about voice messages. Under this, you will not need to tap all voice messages to listen to different voice messages. Although this is in beta version. In the Final Build Update of WhatsApp, some new features are also coming along.
In the upcoming update of WhatsApp, the feature of Album Improvement has been given. There has been an update some time ago, under which WhatsApp groups several photos sent together in a single album. Although no more information is seen here, here you can see the file size.
Now under the new update, there will also be information about how many photos are in the album in WhatsApp, which will prove beneficial to you. There will also be a total number and file size. Let us know that these features are in the iOS version of WhatsApp.
WhatsApp has also made changes to profile photos. Under this, users will not be able to save, copy or export anybody's profile photo. These are now being done in iOS, however, this feature has already been released in Android some time ago.
Whatsapp will now also be saved in the Voice Message phone. It is now saved in the Whatsapp apps's coding format. Its scope is that it does not support many apps. To make it easy, the company has an option to do it in M4A format and it supports almost every app.

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