Tips To Keep Your Car Safe From Theft

Tips To Keep Your Car Safe From Theft

Nowadays, theft of cars has become common in small and big cities, the biggest reason for car theft is the increasing problem of parking in cities, people park the car at the wrong place, due to which thieves easily carry out their work.
According to one data, a car is stolen every minute in India. And the most special thing is that the most noticeable of thieves is Maruti Suzuki Alto. It happens on cars like Swift Dzire, Tata Tiago, Hyundai i10, Santro, Honda City and Mahindra Bolero, as these are easily available in the market.
White Colour Car Is The Most Stolen
Statistics show that white coloured car is the most stolen car in India. The biggest reason behind this is believed to be that thieves can easily turn a white coloured car into another colour, whereas it is not easy to do another colour car.

Tips To Keep Your Car Safe

Always use tire lock
Tire locker is one of the best and reliable accessories used in a car tire. Can be applied. No one can drive your car anywhere without your permission. And thieves also stay away from such cars. Because this lock is very difficult to find and it takes a lot of time.
Steering wheel lock
Like the tire locker, the steering wheel locker is also readily available in the market. This is a great product to avoid thieves. The steering wheel locker jams the car's steering wheel. Because of which the thief cannot take your car anywhere. Because the steering wheel locker is very difficult to break.
GPS Tracker
Friends, always have a GPS tracker in your car. You can also install it in your smartphone with the help of an app. Through this, you can track your car. Even if someone stole your car, you will be able to keep a close watch on your car and you will get a notification on your mobile.
These features are now seen in almost all new cars. This is a very good system. In this, the car starts only with its own car key. Because immobilization works through a chip. If someone starts your car with another key then the car will not start.

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