Twitter Unveils Hide Replies Feature

Twitter Unveils Hide Replies Feature

Micro Blogging Site Twitter has released the Hyde reply feature for the convenience of its users. The advantage of this feature will be that the users will have the control that their replies and tweets will be seen and who will not see. In other words, Hyde Replay is Twitter's new privacy feature. Although this feature of Twitter is currently live in a few countries.

After this feature is live, users will have the option to hydrate the reply to which of their posts. In other words, soon you will be able to hide reply in a tweet on Twitter. To turn on this feature, click on the three dots appearing with the tweets and then select Hide Reply option. However, users will not have the option to hide the reply button forever. This means that you will not be able to always hover the reply button.

What will be the advantage?

The biggest advantage of this feature will be that if someone tries to troll you, you will be able to hide your reply. In such a situation, he will not be able to reach a reply. This feature is currently live in Canada.

Significantly, Twitter has recently changed it's desktop version's interface. The desktop version of Twitter is now looking like a mobile app, though many users have not yet got a new interface. Talk about the features of this new incarnation of Twitter, in which you will find new navigation.
Also, Twitter decided to reinforce the spam senders that no user will be able to follow more than 400 new handles a day.

A statement issued by San Francisco-based company said that no user can now follow more than 400 handles a day. Earlier this number was 1000.

Twitter's Twitter team has tweeted, "Follow, unfollow, follow, unfollow!" Who does this? Spammers (spam messengers). ''

The team has written, so we are reducing the number of handouts that are being followed in one day from 1000 to 400. You do not worry. You will not have any problem significantly; Twitter's policies prohibit sending spam.

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