Cheapest Countries to travel from India

Cheapest Countries to travel from India

Travelling to different places around the globe is always full of adventure, happiness, and bliss. One gets to learn about the different culture and traditions but at the same time budget needs to be considered as well. Most of the times, it is our budget that stops us from exploring different places which otherwise we would have explored. So, this time around we decided to bring you some of the countries which will fall under a normal budget of a middle-class Indian.

Here are some of the cheapest countries to travel from India -:




The land of mighty Himalayas,  Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is certainly one of the cheapest as well. You can stay in Nepal in a genuine hotel in just 1000-1500INR for a night or two. Moreover, the country has a lot to explore. You can visit places like Kathmandu & Pokhara where you will get to see the historical temples of Hindus and Buddhists. Some other places like Bhaktapur, Hanuman Dhoka, Parsa wildlife reserve, Siddha Gufa etc. adds much more to the adventure.



The happiest country in the world is certainly full of joy for tourists. The place is well versed with beautiful Buddhist culture. Places like Thimpu, Pankha Dzong, Haa valley, Dochula Pass etc. offer great sightseeing and unexplored terrains for you. It is also one of the countries that will fall under your budget. You can enjoy a meal typically under 100-400INR. Also, you avail a room for 1000-1500INR. You don’t even need a passport to visit Bhutan. How is that for convenience?



Sri Lanka is one of the nearest countries to India. It has got a wide variety of budget-friendly options for you in which you can enjoy some tasty cuisine and beaches are always there to enhance your joy and happiness in Sri Lanka.  Moreover, the connection of the Ramayana also makes it a great tourist destination. You will be charged approximately 700INR for a night stay in a genuine hotel there.



The Country is famous for its greenery and culture, Indonesia is one of the cheapest countries for an Indian resident to travel to. Volcano tours, leisure tours, cultural tours, religious tours, water sports etc. are some of the activities you can do there. For a night you will be charged a sum of INR1000-2000 depending on your preference. Meter taxis will take you all around the place as they are the preferred mode of transportation in the country.



Cambodia is considered one of the best places to visit for low budget travellers. The place has a rich culture and Angkor Vat temple is one of the famous things to see there. If you take a tour package, you will be taken to many religious and cultural tours. Cambodia is also liked by the visitors because of its natural beauty. You can have a tasty meal in 300INR approx. The room on rent will cost you around 1500INR-2000INR.



The Philippines is rich in natural beauty and contain a lot of unexplored beaches. We are sure you will enjoy the volcano visits, trekking, cultural tours etc. For the stay, you will be charged around 700INR which is again very affordable. You can have a meal under 500INR including alcohol (for those who want to have it).

All these countries will surely give you a pleasant experience at low costs of travelling, eating and staying. So brace yourself up for the trill and book your tickets to one of these countries. We wish you all the best.  


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